The beginnings OF TThe first official documents citing the airfield of Ronchi dei Legionari date back to November 30 1935, when the 4th Fighter Squadron of the Royal Italian Air Force was based here.


In the National Transportation Strategy Plan, the role of the airport is recognised as fundamental for the development of the Northeast of Italy, thanks to its strategic location - near the main national road an railway networks - that made it easily accessible.


With the concession of the Ministry of Defence - the owner and operator the airfield - the "Consorzio per l'Aeroporto Giuliano" is set up for running commercial operations at the airport.


Commercial operations officially start on December 2nd 1961, with the take off for Rome of a Douglas DC3 of SAM-Società Aerea Mediterranea.


The former airfield is upgraded to higher standards, opening a new runway, a new taxiway and a new air terminal.


The first international flight a charter by the German airline LTU from Düsseldorf - takes place and opens up a new development phase that sees a growing number of leisure charter flights arriving from Northern Europe.


Installation of the first ILS-Instrumental Landing System.


For the first time, 100 thousand passengers in a year transit through the airport..


The runway is extended to 3,000 metres.


Opening of the new Control Tower.


500 thousand passengers per year are reached, while a new Company - Aeroporto Friuli Venezia Giulia S.p.A..


Aeroporto Friuli Venezia Giulia S.p.A. is set up to run the airport from July 1st 1997


Opening of the brand-new airport facilities, including two terminals, one for passengers - with a capacity of up to 2 Million passengers per annum - and one for cargo.


On June 1st the Company Aeroporto FVG S.p.A. is awarded with a 'provisional total airport management' contract by ENAC - Italian CAA.


600 thousand passengers per year are reached.


Construction of two passenger loading bridges, one for wide and narrow bodies, the other for narrow bodies and regional aircraft.


On August 3rd Aeroporto FVG S.p.A. is awarded with a 40-year-long management concession of Trieste Airport by ENAC – Italian CAA and the Ministry of Transport.
700 thousand passengers per year are reached.

Trieste airport is named after the Friulian explorer Pietro Savorgnan di Brazzà (1852-1905).


For the first time, more than 800 thousand passengers flew through the aiport.


The year ends with the best-ever traffic figure of 882,146 passengers.


on Novemnber 26th, during the Italy-Russia Summit of Trieste the airport handels 71 aircraft movements, the highest-ever traffic recorded in a single day.


construsction start of the multi-modal hub at the airport.


on March 19th opening of the multi-modal hub and of the rafurbished air terminal.


55% of the Company shares ar aquired by f2iSGR fund. Trieste Airport becomes part of the largest italian airports network that includes Milan Linate, Milan Malpensa, Turin, Naples, Alghero and Olbia.
On October 6th, handling 7.500 travellers, handels the highest number of passengers in a day.


The year ends with the best-ever traffic figure of 932.767 passengers


April 2nd, Ryanair opens one-aircraft based, starting 7 new routes