Discount for Trenitalia subscribers

Discover discounts for train users 

Trenitalia customers holding a train subscrition to/from Trieste Airport have the opportunity discounted Trieste Airport Car park subscrition at park P8. 
To get the discounted exit voucher, at the automatic cash point scan the QRcode printed on the train ticket before paying.
Please refer to Trieste Airport ticket counter and bring your train subscriction(with QRcode) to get a discounted car park subscrition.
Train suscriction period Discounted fare car park P8
15 days € 19.00 *
30 days € 29.00 *
12 months € 200.00 *
*Maximum parking allowed with a 14-hour subscription per day. Parking of more than 14 hours per day will be regulated according to the standard rates.