The project

A strategic hub connecting transport systems nodes and traffic flows

The project of the Trieste Airport Intermodal Hub is one of the key objectives set out by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region in its regional strategic transportation plan. While this facility – mainly funded by the Region and by the EU – will definitely improve airport accessibility, it aims, above all, at integrating all the different transport modes of the regional transportation system, allowing an easy and smooth air-rail-road modal interchange.


This project, set out by Aeroporto FVG SpA, is based on a simple design based upon a mid-air pedestrian walkway connecting the airport terminal to the new car parks, the bus station and the railway station.

As notified to the European Commission, the new facility will include: a new railway station, a 16-bay bus station and new car parks for up to 1,500 cars (with a multi-story car park with 500 parking spaces), all connected with an internal road system.

In this context, the Hub will grant also modal interchange among all the different modes of surface transport (bus, car or train) for an overall benefit and improvement of local and regional mobility.



In compliance with the objectives of the 2001 White Paper “European Transport Policy for 2010”, this facility aims at encouraging more environmental-friendly transport solutions than the use of private car.

From a more strategic point of view, the Hub will thus become the main node of the new inter-modal regional transport system, facilitating the airport access and improving accessibility of the whole region, thanks to a more efficient and integrated transport system.



This infrastructure is planned to help stimulating a “park-&-ride” attitude by travellers and commuters, as an efficient and more sustainable way to reach Trieste and the other main centres of the Region: this will, in fact, contribute to a considerable reduction of road traffic and congestion, with extremely positive environmental impacts.

Improved accessibility will also grant easier access to the airport and have a positive impact on the tourist and economic development of the whole area. Thanks to this new facility, Trieste Airport will become the eighth Italian airport directly linked to the railway and the only one within a 350-km radius in North-eastern Italy.