Live departures

Flight Destination Scheduled Expected Remarks
AZ 01356 Roma FCO 07:00 Expected: 07:00 Check-in open
FR 01759 Palermo 12:50 Expected: 12:50
FR 09093 Bergamo 22:55 Expected: 22:55

Live arrivals

Flight Origin Scheduled Expected Remarks
FR 01758 Palermo 12:25 Expected: 12:25
FR 09092 Roma FCO 22:25 Expected: 22:25
AZ 01363 Roma FCO 22:55 Expected: 22:55

Last update: 5:20

At Trieste Airport, every day:

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  • Fly all over the world

    Thanks to European scheduled flight destinations you can reach hundreds destinations from the hub connected to Trieste Airport.

Trieste Airport:
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  • Trains

    Every day 6 high-speed and 48 interregional trains, in addition to the MICOTRA train to and from Villach and 2 daily train connections to and from Ljubljana operated by Trenitalia and Slovenske Zelenice.

  • Car parks

    Long-term and short-term car parks for every need.

  • Bus

    Direct connections to all the main cities of Friuli and international destinations with Flixbus and Florentiabus.

  • Airport

    Our direct scheduled flights.



We remind passengers that, as required by Law (DL229 - 30/12/2021), from 10 January 2022, domestic air travel will be permitted only to passengers holding an Enhanced Green Certification ("Super Green Pass") and wearing an FFP2 mask throughout the whole flight.

For international flights please check restrictions and regulations applicable in the relevant foreign country on the website.