Passengers with reduced mobility

According to the EU 1107/2006 Regulation, as at any other EU airport, Trieste Airport grants free and dedicated assistance to passengers with reduced mobility (PRMs). While disabilities or mobility problems, are not an obstacle to access air transport services, some limitations may be however imposed by national and/or international authorities for security, safety and technical reasons (i.e. type of aircraft).


Practical information

Service request, booking and notification

In order to grant quick and efficient assistance to PRMs, the airline, its agent or the tour operator have to receive a special and detailed assistance request (notification) at the time of booking or, at least, no later than 48 hours prior departure. The airline, in order to grant the most appropriate service, may request additional information on the type of assistance needed and on the use, if any, of medical and/or mobility devices, as well as on the need to host on board guide dogs. Notification takes place no later than 48 hours prior departure and unless there are technical limitations, airlines have to carry onto intra-EU flights medical equipment and up to two mobility devices (i.e. wheelchair or crutches) at no additional costs.


The IATA identifies the different types of PRM assistance with the following codes:


IATA PRM-type code


Passenger who can walk inside the aircraft and up and down the stairs, but who needs a wheelchair for moving for long distances inside the terminal
Passenger who can walk inside the aircraft, but who can not walk and up and down the stairs and needs a wheelchair for moving for long distances inside the terminal
Passenger who constantly needs a wheelchair for th whole duration of his/her journey, including his/her stay at the departure and arrival airports
Deaf or deaf and dumb passenger
Visually impaired or blind passenger
Deaf and visually impaired / blind passenger
Mentally impaired passenger

Arrival to the airport

By car
The airport has dedicated PRM car parking areas, to the East and inside multi-modal hub.

PRM holders of the European parking permit are entitled to park free of charge in the reserved spaces in all official Trieste Airport car parks.

In order to park free of charge, show the parking ticket, the parking permit, and ID card at the departures hall ticket counter.

Any companion is requested to show, in addition to the mentioned documents, a copy of parking permit holder flight ticket/boarding card.


By public transport (train and bus)
The airport is linked by public transport coaches to Trieste, Udine, Gorizia and some other cities of the area. The schedules and the main fares are available on the Public Transport page departures or arrivals.

TRAIN: for detailed information on PRM services and procedures by the train transport operator, please visit the dedicated website. (Click here)

BUS: for detailed information on PRM services and procedures by the public transport operator (APT Gorizia), do refer to its website (, email ( or phone number (domestic freephone 800-955957, for international calls +39-0481-593511). 

The PRM who independently reaches the check-in will have to report within the time limit indicated by the airline, its agent or the tour operator or, if no time prescriptions have been indicated, at least one hour before departure.
The PRM requesting assistance at the designated calling stations of the airport will have to report within the time limit indicated by the airline, its agent or the tour operator or, if no time prescriptions have been indicated, at least two hours before departure. It is very important to inform the dedicated staff by ringing the “assistance calling station” bells located either at the car parks or inside the terminal and waiting there for assistance (longer waiting times are likely if assistance notification to the airline is done after the 48-hours time-limit or if it is not done at all).

Aircraft boarding and flight

The staff will assist the customer throughout the whole airport procedures, until she/he boards the aircraft in the most appropriate way, while her/his mobility devices will be loaded onto the aircraft hold. In case of need, if timely notified, guide dogs will be allowed to fly in the passenger cabin. The dedicated airport staff will assist the passenger with her/his baggage and will carry on board the handluggage. On board the aircraft, the airline crew will have to brief the passenger on the aircarft and its safety/emergency procedures.


The customer will be met and assisted by dedicated staff also at her/his arrival, during disembarkation and luggage reclaim.



The following dedicated services are available at Trieste airport:


  • A dedicated PRM meeting and waiting room called “Sala Amica”, located in the public area of the terminal and well signposted
  • Dedicated car parking spaces
  • PRM meeting points: four dedicated areas at boarding gates
  • Four assistance calling stations where to ask for assistance by dedicated staff (two stations at the car parks one at the terminal entrance and one inside the PRM meeting and waiting room called “Sala Amica”)
  • Disabled toilets
  • Lifts with Braille keyboards
  • “Ambulift” device for wheelchair embarkation and disembarkation
  • tactile guiding system itineraries, with braille information points, for blind and visually impaired people
  • Specially trained staff dedicated to PRM assistance


Watch the PRM map of the airport.


The assistance calling stations are five dedicated areas where PRM can easily ask for assistance.

The calling stations are properly signposted and are located at the:

  • PRM dedicated car park to the West of the passenger terminal
  • PRM dedicated car park to the East of the passenger terminal
  • terminal entrance (departures hall)
  • Bus station 
  • Train station


Quality standards

The minimum quality standards for PRM assistance at Trieste Airport are the following:

Maximum waiting times for assistance at the airport (minutes)

Booked assistance    
80% of passengers within 10’ 5’
90% dof passengers within 20’ 10’
100% of passengers within 30’ 20’
Non-booked assistance    
80% of passengers within 25’ 25’
90% of passengers within 35' 35'
100% of passengers within  45' 45'


Video for autistic people support


PFor autistic people, travelling by air might be not only a new but also a difficult experience: in order to facilitate their preparation to air travel, Progetto Autismo FVG, in co-operation with Trieste Airport, has prepared a video that might support autistic people and their families in planning their trip.




Complaints or suggestions can be forwarded to the airport operator (Aeroporto FVG) in several ways: filling in and handing in personally the form available upon request at the Passenger Assistance Service, filling in and sending the form attached to the Service Charter booklet, filling in the online form or sending a letter, a fax or an email to:

Aeroporto FVG SpA
Via Aquileia 46