How to do check-in and board without problems


Usually, passengers should check-in at one of the 13 dedicated counters for:

  • Domestic flights up to 40’ before scheduled departure

  • International flightsup to 40’ before scheduled departure

In any case the have always to referr to the check-in time limit as communicated by the airline/tour operator. The handling agent has the right to deny boarding to those passengers who fail to report to the check-in counter within the above timings or without the necessary documentation.
All airlines now use electronic paperless tickets, this means that passengers are admitted to check-in for their flight just by presenting only a booking code and a valid identification document.


Mobile and web check-in

Currently, at Trieste airport, the mobile check-in service is availbale for Alitalia and Lufthansa passengers only.
The web check-in service is availbale not only for Alitalia and Lufthansa passengers, but also for those who fly with Ryanair: passengers can print the boarding card from their home PC and can, at their arrival to the airport, go directly to the Security checkpoint.
In case they have any pieces of luggage to be checked in, before proceeding to Security passengers will have to report to the BAG DROP-OFF counter.
Before proceedeng to Security, all international Ryanair passengers who do not hold a EU passport have to report to the VISA CHECK counter.


Telephone check-in

This service is active for TRS Club members travelling with hand luggage only and allows them to book their boarding pass with just a phone call.
The boarding card can be collected at the dedicated desk up to 30 minutes (domestic flights) and 40 minutes (international flights) before scheduled departure.