Security checks

How to do your security checks without problems. 

For security reasons, all passengers have to undergo a security control before entering the departures area and the boarding gates. At the same time all pieces of luggage – both hand and hold bags – are X-rayed and scanned to detect potentially harmful contents that may threaten the security and safety of a flight.
As a whole:
  • only one piece of hand luggage is allowed;
  • laptops have to be removed from the handbag before the x-ray scan;
  • only a limited quantity (100 ml. – 3.4 Oz.) of liquids are allowed in the hand bag (to be presented in a re-sealable plastc bag);
  • passengers carrying pacemaker have to notify it to the security staff before the control.
For further information on baggage packing and on items/substances not allowed on board – in the hold or in the passenger cabin – refer to the section “Baggage” or/and to the dedicated area on the ENAC-Italian CAA website (in Italian only).