Advertising at the airport


Average potential contacts per year: 1.8 Millions

Aeroporto FVG S.p.A. manage directly all the airport’s advertising spaces, including interior and exterior posters and billboards, offering reliable solutions in terms of customer relations, designed to meet the clients' specific needs. Dozens of systems and a wide range of solutions, capable of satisfying even the most demanding requirements in terms of communication and visibility and budget.
The Airport represents an extraordinarily effective means of communication: it allows businesses to reach an incredibly large target, made up of a vastly diverse consumer base, while at the same time providing for a more 'interested' and 'ready-to-buy' clientele than that of conventional media. 

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Aeroporto FVG S.p.A.

Aeroporto FVG S.p.A.
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Average potential contacts per year: 700K

Companies wishing to advertise on Trieste airport website – a site that records some 700K visits per year – can publish clickable banners of different size and in different page locations.

For information contact the Commercial Department writing to