Live departures

Flight Destination Scheduled Expected Remarks
AZ 01356 Roma FCO 06:55 Expected: 06:55
FR 02708 Catania 12:55 Expected: 12:55
AZ 01360 Roma FCO 15:00 Expected: 15:00
FR 00169 London STN 17:05 Expected: 17:05

Live arrivals

Flight Origin Scheduled Expected Remarks
FR 02707 Catania 12:25 Expected: 12:25
AZ 01365 Roma FCO 14:25 Expected: 14:25
FR 00168 London STN 16:30 Expected: 16:30
FR 07264 Valencia 19:35 Expected: 19:35

Last update: 2:40

At Trieste Airport, every day:

  • Direct flights

  • Fly all over the world

    Thanks to European scheduled flight destinations you can reach hundreds destinations from the hub connected to Trieste Airport.

Trieste Airport:
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  • Trains

    Every day 6 high-speed and 48 interregional trains, in addition to the MICOTRA train to and from Villach and 2 daily train connections to and from Ljubljana operated by Trenitalia and Slovenske Zelenice.

  • Car parks

    Long-term and short-term car parks for every need.

  • Bus

    Direct connections to all the main cities of Friuli and international destinations with Flixbus and Florentiabus.

  • Airport

    Our direct scheduled flights.





We recommend all departing passengers, even if already checked-in, to arrive at the aiport well in advance to carry out the additional document checks required by Covid-19 protocols, check-in, security checks and boarding.

To find out about the specific Covid-19 limitations and requirements foreseen by the State of destination or what is required to entry into the Italian territory, passengers are recommended to visit the website

Passengers are also required to have the all necessary documentation which will be subject to further checks at the airport and by the airline.