Live departures

Flight Destination Scheduled Expected Remarks
FR 04497 Brussels CRL 10:05 Expected: 10:05
FR 02427 Sevilla 11:10 Expected: 11:10 Go to gate
AZ 01358 Roma FCO 11:15 Expected: 11:15 Check-in open
AZ 01352 Milano LIN 12:00 Expected: 12:00

Live arrivals

Flight Origin Scheduled Expected Remarks
FR 02426 Sevilla 10:25 Expected: 10:00 Airborne
AZ 01357 Roma FCO 10:30 Expected: 10:38 Airborne
AZ 01351 Milano LIN 10:50 Expected: 11:02
IB 02940 Madrid 12:00 Expected: 12:00

Last update: 10:00

At Trieste Airport, every day:

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    Thanks to European scheduled flight destinations you can reach hundreds destinations from the hub connected to Trieste Airport.

Trieste Airport:

  • Trains

    Every day 6 high-speed and 48 interregional trains, in addition to the MICOTRA train to and from Villach and 2 daily train connections to and from Ljubljana operated by Trenitalia and Slovenske Zelenice.

  • Car parks

    Long-term and short-term car parks for every need.

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    Direct connections to all the main cities of Friuli and international destinations with Flixbus and Florentiabus.

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    Our direct scheduled flights.