The Service Charter

A token of our commitment

With this brochure Aeroporto Friuli Venezia Giulia S.p.A. commits itself with the passenger to constant, restless improvement of services. Among the first airports in Italy, Trieste Airport introduced the Service Charter already in 1999, above all as token of the attention the Company pays to its Customers. For this reason, the company monitors regularly service performance and satisfaction levels, while is committed to a constant improvement, towards higher and higher levels of customer satisfaction, service excellence and quality.

The contents

Airport operators, as any other company supplying a public utility service, publish a yearly service monitor report, called Service Charter. It portrays the quality of services supplied and the objectives to be met in the future, on the basis of some thirty key performance and quality indicators (i.e. waiting times, airport cleanliness, flight delays, information services, etc. In this context, all the indicators and their measures have been standardised in order to make the data of different airports all over Italy comparable.

The objectives

As already described, the Service Charter, based on rules and guidelines set at a national level, takes into account the most relevant aspects of quality and the way it is perceived by customers. The indicators refer to recorded figures and to the goals to be achieved in the future as planned and set by the company and originate from a significant sample of actual performance measurements (usually 'time') and perceptions of service quality as perceived by passengers (customer satisfaction survey). The Service Charter is also a helpful tool to collect the feedback from customers, whose comments on services provided are fundamental for a continuous improvement.

The indicators

The quality and performance indicators refer to those services that are directly supplied and managed by the Aeroporto Friuli Venezia Giulia S.p.A. and those service provided by third party contractors working at the airport. For this reason, they have been divided into indicators that depend on the Company, that is to say those indicators relating to aircraft/passenger handling and terminal/infrastructure management (check-in, information services, baggage handling, terminal comfort, accessibility, etc.), and indicators that depend on the third party contractors, i.e. restaurant and bar services, public transport links, cleanliness of the terminal, etc.
Since customer satisfaction is the basis of our Company philosophy, passengers are invited to contact us for any information, suggestion or comment that can help in the improvement of services, filling in the online form of our website.